domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Sentry Returns Page2 - Colors

In the middle of some comic page projects I´ve been adding some color to this.
So here´s Sentry Return Fanart Page 2.
Sketch, Pencil, Inks and colors by me. Fun stuff to do :D
Hope you like it, did I add too many effects on it?

Evolution of this, animated Gif :

Inks, Pencil and Sketch bellow

Inked Page (Digital)
Done in Photoshop - Wacom Intuos3.
I guess I need to get me a cintiq ;p

Initial Sketch...this was just a little thumbnail. I like to do the initial layouts small so I can better look at the felling of the pages combined, I think it´s easier that way. 
Also, I guess it´s a time saver, you get the feeling of what you want to do and don't need to get into ALL the details, that comes later.
Another thing that I get from doing this first sketch so small and loose is that there is no looking at the initial sketch and thinking that it´s better then the final one (I get that a lot) that saves me that problem...Well, for most of the times it does, hahaha.

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